Check in on your dog even when you are away - and throw it a treat or two

Nobody really buys a dog so they can hook up a camera and smart device to play with, and shout instructions to, the poor critter from 150 miles away. But everyone with a pet knows there are times when leaving it alone in the house is unavoidable, and Furbo wants to be the solution.

Furbo is an Indiegogo campaign that has powered past its $50,000 target, proving there are clearly a few guilty-feeling pet owners out there. And if you don’t yourself as one of them, you will do after seeing this poor fella home alone:

Furbo lonely dog

The guilty days are over, however, because Furbo is an internet connected HD video camera and treat dispenser which, upon a bit of app tapping, will launch a fresh treat across the room for your pet’s delight while you watch on your phone or tablet. Look at that treat fly:Furbo treat dispenser

There’s even a microphone for a bit of two way communication while you’re missing your dog at work, plus a bark alert should your dog start, well, barking about something, which it definitely will. Your colleagues are definitely about to think you’re as crazy as this lady:Furbo chatFurbo is released in July, with early bird prices currently starting at $119 (£83), although the final full price is expected to be closer to $240. Buy it now.