An AI personal trainer in a pair of earphones that can help you meet your weight goals, improve your run and get results.

You can’t have a personal trainer by your side on every single workout, so how do you push yourself to reach those fitness goals when you go it alone? Turns out the answer is in a simple pair of earbuds.

Vi is an AI personal trainer who lives in a pair of biosensing earbuds. Just like a real personal trainer, she knows your location, your environment, and what the weather’s like. She even knows physiological factors like your heart rate, breathing pace and speed. And by accessing apps on your phone like Google Fit and Apple HealthKit, she knows your weight, diet, your activity levels, and your progress so far. Then, with all that information in mind, she tailors a custom training program that beams straight to your ears.

With real-time insights as you run, it’s just like having a friendly, motivating personal trainer egging you on. Vi will pipe up with feedback and advice that really is relevant to you, like “Okay, stop here. Keep walking to gradually slow down your heart beat.” Or, “Looks like you’re fatigued. Are your legs done?”. And because Vi incorporates speech recognition, you can say yes – or no – in response, and she will adjust your plan accordingly. Check out some first-time Vi users getting the hang of that two-way chat…

Vi isn’t just great for getting a sweat on, though. She can also carry your music and enable hands-free chatting – without you even needing to pull your phone out. All you have to do to answer a call is pop in the earbuds. And because of the round the neck design, Vi will still sense your motion and environment when you take the earbuds out to give your lug holes a rest.

Vi has stormed past her Kickstarter funding goal with still over a month left to rake in backers. This probably means you can expect her release date of December this year to remain on track. You can currently pre-order Vi for the early bird price of $199 (£138).