Forget Djokovic - you need Drone-ovic to help you nail that serve this summer.

If you’ve been following Wimbledon this year and feeling more than that your serve needs some serious attention, you’ll be delighted to hear that Virgin Active has come up with a cunning solution.

It’s called Drone-ovic, which is a not-so subtle homage to the men’s singles world No.1 Novak Djokovic, and it’s a nippy little drone designed to follow you around the court tennis dropping balls above your head.

Equipped with a tiny 4K camera, Drone-ovic can work out exactly where to place the ball to help you perfect that top spin or slice.

Virgin Active Drone-ovicVirgin Active say that Drone-ovic can drop balls from a variety of heights and angles for all levels of players to nail that smash, helping you fulfil your ultimate dream of having ‘more whack than Novak’.

What’s more, the bird’s-eye footage from Drone-ovic’s onboard cam can help you and your coach analyse your performance off the pitch. Beats your average ball shooting machine, right?

Virgin Active Drone-ovic 2For now, Virgin Active is only letting Drone-ovic loose for a limited amount of players at its Northwood club in Middlesex. However, if it proves a hit, we’re sure it will only be a matter of time before it expands its ball-wielding fleet. Drone-r Federer? Maria Shara-drone-a? We’ll stop there.