Whether you're relaxing at home or camping in a muddy field - this portable little grinder wants you to have perfect coffee.

Coffee beans. They’re secretive little fellas. They could be fresh as a daisy or stale as old bread on the inside, yet we can’t see past their brown, shiny exteriors to really know. Which can make grinding your beans at home like one big game of coffee roulette.

Thanks to this portable Voltaire coffee grinder, though, the days of surprise stale coffee are finally over. Packing a smart brain with an array of sensors for seeing inside coffee beans, Voltaire can tell exactly when your beans are in their prime, and even order new beans when your current stock is on its way out.

The hidden qualities that Voltaire’s psychic bean powers can measure are impressively complex, which is ample reassurance that this isn’t just the machine equivalent of giving your coffee beans a quick sniff. Temperature, humidity, bean mass and volume are all factors the grinder takes into consideration, as well as volatile compound release and gas concentration.

Voltaire coffee grinder campingThat’s not Voltaire’s only tool for supreme bean-reading, though. The grinder also links to an app on your phone to learn details like roast date, purchase date, bean variety and roast style to really know what beans it’s dealing with. With all of that information to hand, it can tell you exactly when your beans are really fresh, when they’re rancid flavours are beginning to creep in, and when they’re in what Voltaire’s makers call “the red zone of mediocrity”.

The best news is that Voltaire is small and portable, which makes it the perfect travelling companion. No yucky instant coffee that resembles washing up water on your next camping trip – you’re going to be grinding artisan beans in your wellies and sipping the finest cup of liquid gold from your fold-up chair. Voltaire’s battery life will last through over 3lbs of beans, which equates to about 3 weeks, so you can rest assured this smart grinder won’t conk out just when you need it.

There’s no question about it – if you care about coffee, you need Voltaire. It’s currently steaming towards its funding goal over on Kickstarter, where you can jump in line for an early bird deal. With that smart brain for beans, however, it’s the not the cheapest of gadgets. You can grab it for $229 (£162), or for $199 (£141) as a standalone grinder without the sensors.