Squads of autonomous Volvos are on the way and will be hitting the streets of London in 2017

Self-driving cars are on the way, but until now they’ve been confined to the high end (the Tesla’s autopilot feature), the quirky (Google’s odd little noddy cars) or the industrial (self driving trucks). Volvo are set to change that, by bringing its part-autonomous, or Assisted Driving (AD) vehicles out of the lab and onto the streets of Europe.

Volvo want to see how regular road users react to self driving cars, so as part of its ‘Drive Me’ project, regular folks will be invited into the ‘driving’ seat for a series of normal family related tasks. Volvo say, “Volvo will source its data from these everyday users and use this data to develop AD cars that are suitable for real world driving conditions, rather than the more unrealistic conditions found on test tracks.

London driving

Volvo will be unleashing its road roaming robots onto the streets of London in 2017, with a number of Volvo XC90s fitted out with Intellisafe Autopilot, its self-driving system. The  trial will then grow to 100 cars in 2018. Volvo says it’ll be the largest assisted driving test on Britain’s streets.

Peter Shaw, Chief Executive of Volvo’s test partner Thatcham Research, said, “Vehicle manufacturers are predicting that highly autonomous vehicles, capable of allowing the driver to drop ‘out of the loop’ for certain sections of their journey, will be available from around 2021.”

Via Engadget