Hozelock’s new app-controlled Cloud Controller ensures plants get watered even when you are on holiday

Smart gardening seems like something from a sci-fi film, but thanks to Hozelock’s latest automated home watering system, gardening fanatics have never had it so good.

Using a low-power, long-range radio signal to connect to the internet, the Hozelock Cloud Controller is a new system that allows you to pair your garden’s watering system to your smartphone via an easy-to-install app. With a push of a button, you can control your entire garden from the comfort of your home, turning on your water system whenever you like, or creating your own schedule.

Hozelock's cloud controller app

Smart watering from anywhere in the world

So whether it’s a balcony, garden or a greenhouse, you can now manage your plants’ needs from anywhere in the world – even if you’re on a beach holiday in the middle of Barbados. The Cloud Controller doesn’t even need you to be in the same country to work, switching on its systems as long as the app is connected to the internet.

Hozelock's cloud controller attached to exterior tap

It can even suggest changes to watering patterns based on local weather data, eliminating the worry and stress of those pesky timer programs, and making sure your plants are fed and watered while you’re out of the house. We have to admit though, smart gardening does seem a tad much (we do need some chores to keep us busy), but when bought with Hozelock’s Easy Drip automatic watering system, it can also be a great money saver, since the Easy Drip system delivers only the amount of water your plants need and no more.

Keen on getting gardening off your chores? The app-controlled Cloud Controller is available from May 2016 at £114.99, from garden centres like Homebase, Amazon and John Lewis, or at Hozelock.com