Pokémon GO is the smart phone hit of the summer, and developers Niantic are bringing out a wearable to help you play it.

You may not have tried it yourself, but Pokémon GO has taken over a solid portion of our collective lives right now. The game involves walking around and hoping a Pokémon will show up for you to catch, but the downside is that you have to have your phone out with the game open, for it to work. Pokémon GO Plus should end that.

The device – which looks like a cross between a Pokéball and a Google Map location icon, can be worn on your wrist or clipped to your clothing – or put in your pocket where no one can see it…

Pokemon GO Plus

When a Pokémon appears, it vibrates, and you press the button in the middle to throw a Pokéball. The device will vibrate again to let you know you’ve caught the Pokémon. It’ll only work on Pokémon you’ve caught once before, so you’ll have to pull out your phone to get new ones. You’ll also still need your phone if you want to use berries or stronger Pokéballs to up your chances of success.

The Pokémon GO Plus will also vibrate when you’re near a Pokéstop, and pressing the button will claim the haul of goods you’d usually get, including potions, Pokéballs and eggs.

Niantic so far haven’t mentioned whether the device will help you hatch the eggs, which seems like a key thing to leave out. You can only hatch them by walking – either 2km, 5km, or 10km, depending on the egg – again, with the game open on your phone.

Pokémon GO Plus is set to ship in September, so you’ve got a few weeks to weigh up just how much the device will help you catch ’em all.