We Brits love a bit of weather chat, and now Netatmo has made it even easier to get technical about hyper-local weather with an ultrasonic Wind Gauge.


As well as monitoring indoor and outdoor elements such as temperature, humidity, air pressure and noise pollution, the Netatmo Weather Station now uses the Netatmo Wind Gauge to measure wind speed and direction. The results are piped through to your smartphone app, giving you hyper-local weather reports at the touch of a button.

Netatmo claims that the Wind Gauge is the first of its kind to use sophisticated ultrasound technology, offering more precise calculations than traditional three-cup wind meters.

Weather Station measurements should be sharpened by these new wind calculations, including the “feels-like” temperature it provides.

If you’re a keen sailor, golfer, or plain outdoorsman, the Wind Gauge could be particularly useful for scheduling trips and activities in the perfect conditions.

Sign up at Netatmo.com to be the first to get a Wind Gauge at the end of September. You can also purchase the Weather Station for €169 (£123).