Virtual Reality is only good for playing games isn't it? Not if Google's Tiltbrush is anything to go by.

Virtual reality: to many people, it’s either an over priced gaming platform or something vaguely remembered from bad 90s movies. What, after all, is it good for really?

Google is attempting to answer that question with its new Tiltbrush system, a system for painting in 3D space. That sounds pretty dry until you see what that means in practice – virtual reality as a pretty cool space for creative expression.

Google Tilt Brush demo

Tilt Brush enables you to create and view abstract 3D shapes like this chinese dragon, in virtual reality


Tilt Brush by Google

Images can be created and viewed from any angle – sort of a Photoshop or Illustrator for Virtual Reality


Google Tilt Brush

Use a virtual toolbox to create images in a variety of virtual mediums


Google has created a video that brings it all to life.

You’ll need a virtual reality system to utilise this but it’s interesting to see a different take on what VR can do.