Improve your endurance and fine-tune your technique with this discreet little Whipper climbing performance tracker.

Whipper is a clip-on tracker that lives on your waist to track all sorts of handy and insightful stats on your climbing adventures. If you’re feeing at rock bottom (pun intended) with your progress, Whipper is the perfect way to skill up, get feedback, and push yourself harder.

Packed with a Bluetooth connection and advanced sensors including an altimeter, Whipper monitors your climbing movement and tracks stats like your pace, form, vertical ascent, falls, calories burned and all sorts of useful data in the moment. After a climb (or during, if you really want), you can fire up the Whipper app to see all of these stats laid out in easy-to-understand graphs and charts. Stats like how long it took you to complete that V5 problem and how many attempts you made are there in plain English.

However simple Whipper makes it, it can still be difficult to work out what to do with all those stats once you’ve got your feet firmly on the ground again. Whipper helpfully converts all of your data into feedback and coaching advice, providing tailored advice, training programs, progress analysis, and goal recommendations to help you understand how to brush up your form next time. Whipper is weather-resistant, so it’s at home both indoors and out.

If you need an extra little upwards push with your climbing, Whipper is definitely the way to go. It’s currently raking in funding on Indiegogo, where you can pre-order it for the incredibly reasonable early bird price of just $69 (£47). Its release date is set for November this year, and the campaign has successfully gathered enough backers to comfortably make that happen.