And on the seventh day, Whirlpool created beer...

Whirlpool, bringer of smart white goods galore, has turned its attention to the pressing matter of home brewing in a bid to make the process of creating craft ale a breeze.

The American tech giant’s Vessi Beer Fermentor and Dispenser is currently bringing in funding over on Indiegogo, and is up for pre-order for a cool $1,199 (around £824), but what will nearly a grand’s worth of beer tech do for you?

Well, according to Whirlpool, there’s a need for speed. Most home brewing kits require around a month of waiting once the system is set up, but Vessi can apparently ferment, carbonate and dispense home-brewed beer in just seven days. That’s just a week from pitching the yeast to pouring a fresh glass of ale.

Vessi’s secret lies in its own well-crafted design. Its sealed, pressurised and temperature-controlled tank provides the optimal environment for brewing, keeping what’s inside carbonated throughout the entire process. Plus, its heating and cooling system helps your brew reach the best fermentation and finishing environment much more quickly.

At the end of the day, Vessi is just simple to use. Simply pitch the yeast, set the temperature and pressure, and Vessi will take that bubbling liquid gold through the rest of the process itself, removing sediment and adding flavours before delivering the goods. You don’t have to siphon or lift during the entire brew because everything you need, in Whirlpool’s words, is in one convenient tank.

We’ll say cheers to that…