Now they’ll never be an excuse not to work out (sigh)

After spending long hours at the office, sometimes working out is the last thing we want to do, especially if it means lugging our gym kit across town. Wouldn’t it be great if we could just work out at home, with all the equipment and none of the hassle? Thanks to Hong Kong’s Eggplant Technologies, you can. Meet Move It – your own personal smart mini gym.

Consisting of an ab wheel, a jump rope, a pair of pushup stands and a resistance band, Move It is a four-in-one compact gym kit that takes up little to no space in your home. Combining smart technology with your workout, the Move It kit åcomes with an app that boasts professional fitness trainer-approved training programs, providing real-time voice guidance and even tells you when you need to work out harder (yikes).

Move It smart gym

The app can be used for rep counting, time tracking and calorie counting which you can store in the cloud and get as a stats report every day or every week. And of course, with an app-controlled smart gym, there is always going to be a social aspect to your workout. On top of training, Move It lets you connect with fellow users around the world, helping you find a workout buddy and even sending challenges to your friends and teammates.

Move It is currently available on Indiegogo, priced at a reasonable £112 and expected to be delivered to customers in August this year.