Need to stay very, very close to your cash? Xero's app promises to help you do just that

Whether this is positive news or not depends on how happy you are to take your work home, but now it’s possible to access a working set of accounts on your watch.

Xero, a maker of cloud-based accounts software for small businesses, has thoughtfully enabled their software to work via an app on the Apple Watch, thereby slamming shut any remaining gaps between work and life. Joking aside, small business owners and entrepreneurs like to stay close to the status of their business, and the Apple Watch app enables them to receive notifications of banking transactions and bill/invoice payment.

One such small business owner, Emma Lomax, said, “Being able to use Xero on my Apple Watch means that I can manage my cash flow more efficiently from my wrist and keep up to date on relevant information and updates throughout the day.”

Xero is available from the Apple Watch App store, or find out more about Xero at its website.