Add extra safety and ensure drivers know to keep their distance with this smart light

Cycling in the city is a daunting feat, and sometimes we avoid it altogether because of the fear of getting hit by a car. But according to Xfire, that fear is a thing of the past. Why? They’ve created the Bike Lane Safety Light, a guide for drivers to keep away from cyclists.

Using two highly visible red lasers, the Safety Light projects two lines into the asphalt, extending back from either side of you and creating an instant bike lane for a safe night ride. While the light doesn’t physically protect you, it does provide a pretty attention-grabbing visual, telling drivers the safe distance they should keep to avoid hitting you.

The only problem is, of course, is that the Safety Light seems designed for optimum use at night, with no information as to how useful they would be in the daytime. It’s worth noting that the safety light remains visible under headlights and streetlights over a mile away. Plus, it’s compact, weatherproof, shockproof and comes equipped with five extremely bright red LEDs to serve as your bike’s standard taillight.

Bike Lane Safety Light XFire
And all it needs to work is a charge via USB, since it operates on a rechargeable battery. So if cycling at night was the last thing you’d ever consider doing, you might want to rethink getting your bike out of your garage.
Safety Light costs £28 and is available from Xfire’s site.