Not sure a budget fitness tracker is worth the punt? Xiaomi Mi Band 2 levels up the world of affordable fitness tracking.

Chinese tech company Xiaomi is known for its budget-friendly fitness trackers. And we don’t just mean budget-friendly compared to the big shot Fitbits, we mean budget-friendly for seriously skint fitness freaks. The Xiaomi Pulse? That little whippersnapper costs a tenner.

Now, the company is back with another affordable little tracker called the Mi Band 2, and it throws in some cool extra tricks for little extra cost. At RMB 149 (£16), Mi Band 2 can track your steps and monitor your heart (a first for Xiaomi’s silicone gang), while a scratch-resistant 0.42-inch OLED display makes this tracker the first in its family to have an actual screen.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 coloursA single button on the tracker lets you toggle between your time, step count and heart rate on the black and white display, and there’s also a smart alarm to wake you up gently 30 minutes before your alarm time. You can monitor your sleeping patterns too, with graphs and stats to ogle at in the app come morning.

Like all good fitness wearables these days, Mi Band 2 will also vibrate when you’ve been still for too long in an attempt to get you on your feet. And more handy for its Chinese users, it will auto-unlock your Xiaomi phone when you’re nearby without a passcode, and also reactivate the passcode if your phone gets stolen.

Xiaomi Mi Band 2 LifestyleThe Mi Band 2 has a battery life of up to 20 days and is water-resistant. The silicone band is replaceable, so you can keep hold of your tracker and simply slap on another bracelet if your old one gets a bit tired.

Xiaomi started selling the Mi Band 2 in China on June 7th, but we’re slowly seeing the nifty little tracker hit worldwide stores online. You can buy it from GearBest for £27 in an array of colours. That price likely accounts for extra shipping costs.

Given the original Mi Band and the Mi Band Pulse are both widely available in the UK, it’s probably not long until the Mi Band 2 hits more shops for its promised cheap as chips price.