A fun and easy way to send your paperwork and pictures digital.

We love it when tech manages to break the barrier between the physical and the digital world, and Zcan is a perfect example. A neat little mouse for Macs, Windows computers and even your iPhone, Zcan lets you click and swipe to send text and pictures to your screen in an instant.

Whether it’s a text document, graph, table, or even a picture that caught your eye, Zcan will send it screenwards in real-time as you hover the mouse over it. The content will appear like for like on your device’s screen, and will even convert to an editable format to let you tweak and type as you wish.

You can even send content straight to programs like Microsoft Word and Excel to get editing straight away.

zcan wireless mouse scannerThe possibilities with Zcan are almost limitless. Quickly back up work documents on your computer, send text in a foreign language straight to Google translate, or even scan text straight to a speech translator to hear it out loud – it’s all as simple as scrolling.

Zcan wireless mouse scanner 2Its picture scanning abilities make it a perfect tool for mood boarding, which beats trying to get your phone at the perfect angle to snap a shot with its camera. Zcan recently added iPhone support too, so you can beam up perfect pictures in a jiffy to save to your gallery or share with friends.

Zcan is available either wireless or wired. You can pick up the wired version for $79 (around £60), and the wireless version for a pricier $159 (around £121).