So you've been wearing that clever little band on your wrist for a while now, but you're wondering how to really squeeze the best out of it? We've scoped out some of the finest Fitbit apps that take it to new levels of cool.

Best for motivation – FitRPG

FitRPGDownload it now for iOS and Android

Whether you’re simply too frazzled at the end of the day to make sense of the data from your Fitbit, or you’re just a bit of a big kid, FitRPG is perfect for you. It basically turns your Fitbit into a gaming character that can fight your friends, battle bosses, and venture on quests using the power of steps, distance, and sleep. Think you’re hitting that step count just to get fit? Think again. Now you’re on a solo quest, building your experience and endurance so you can win gold for weapons, potions and armour. If you’re stealthy enough, you can even steal your friends’ gold and experience. Log your workouts to increase your strength and dexterity, sleep to revitalise your HP, and try not to take it all too seriously…Who are we kidding? Crush those morons!

Best for tracking your run – Map My Run

Map My RunDownload it now for iOS and Android

Map My Run is probably the best way to take your Fitbit for a jog around the neighbourhood. By tracking your GPS location in real-time as you run, Map My Run keeps a log of every route you take on a map, logging your pace, distance, duration, calorie burn, elevation and more. You can save your maps to use again the next time your venture out, share them with your running friends, and see data from your Fitbit alongside the map to check out your progress at every stage of the route. Map My Run will even find you new and exciting places nearby to stretch your legs, and throws in some nutrition-tracking to make sure you’re full of energy every time you step out the door.

Best for dieting: Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

My Fitness PalDownload it now for iOS and Android

Anyone undertaking a serious health and fitness overhaul should definitely get onboard with MyFitnessPal. With a whopping food database of over 5 million foods, MyFitnessPal only asks that you take five minutes out of your day to create a food diary. Everything from calories, fat and protein to carbs, sugar, fibre and cholesterol are automatically calculated with every food item you add. When synced to your Fitbit, the app’s daily calorie goal based on your diet will be automatically adjusted to take into account your activity levels measured by your Fitbit. To make logging your diet easy peasy, MyFitnessPal also has a barcode scanner and a recipe importer to add ingredients and foods in seconds.

Best for sleep tracking – MobileSleepDoc Pro

MobileSleepDocProDownload it now for iOS

If one of the perks that attracted you to your Fitbit was its sleep-tracking talents, MobileSleepDoc Pro will be a dream. Designed by a practicing physician and sleep specialist, MobileSleepDoc Pro aims to improve your sleep, productivity, creativity, and quality of life with meditation, therapy, and a helping hand from your fitness stats. To start you off, MobileSleepDoc Pro asks you questions used by sleep specialists to determine whether you have signs or symptoms of common sleep disorders. Then, it sets about logging your sleep, automatically sucking the sleep data from your Fitbit for a clearer picture. There’s a library of meditations and music to help you relax, points and dream totems, and regular sleep reports that crunch data from both the app and your trusty Fitbit.

Best for weight loss – Lose It!

Lose It! appDownload it now for iOS and Android

If you bought your Fitbit with the goal of shedding a few pounds in mind, Lose It! is the app for you. With complete meal, sleep, measurements and exercise tracking, Lose It! aims to help you manage a healthy balance between your diet and your daily activity with a customised weight loss plan. There’s a barcode scanner for easy food-logging, a full breakdown of all the nutrients you’re getting (carbs, fats, proteins, fibre, sodium, and so on), a calorie and step counter, and of course, a place for all of your Fitbit stats to give you an overall picture of your weight loss journey.

Best for relaxation – FitStar Yoga

FitStar YogaDownload it now for iOS and Android

Whether you’re a seasoned stretcher or feel more like a creaking door, FitStar Yoga is the perfect way to unwind with your Fitbit. Featuring HD video tutorials and guidance from Strala Yoga founder Tara Stiles, FitStar Yoga creates personalised yoga sessions based around your weight, goals and ability level. The great thing about FitStar is that it can fit around any lifestyle; you can choose the exact duration and intensity of each session depending on how much time you’ve got, and even add custom audio tracks for the ultimate chill out. The fitness data on your weight and health from your Fitbit will appear alongside your yoga milestones to help you accurately track your journey towards a more relaxed and bendy you.

Best for hydration – Waterlogged

Waterlogged iOS appDownload it now for iOS

When you’re busy counting steps and trying to beat your fitness goals, it’s easy to forget to feed your brain and body with the water it needs to stay healthy. Thanks to Waterlogged, however, you can track your H2O intake in less than 60 seconds a day and get reminders when you’re running the risk of being parched. All you have to do is take a quick snap of the cup of bottle you’re drinking from with your camera’s phone, and the app will keep a log of how much you’re drinking. You can see your daily drinking goal visualised in a handy bottle-shaped diagram, which will adjust according to the level of activity recorded by your trusty Fitbit.

Best for commuters – DriveBit

DriveBit appDownload it now for iOS and Android

Shaky train carriage or a bumpy road to work messing with your Fitbit stats? Not any more! Simply tap DriveBit to let it know you’re on your way to work, and it will make sure none of the turbulence of your journey gets mistakenly logged as steps and activity. You can create your own transportation types that you’d like to track – tube, tram or bus, for instance – and DriveBit will make always sure that your activity gets recorded properly from start to finish. To put DriveBit right at your fingertips, you can also add widgets to your home screen for one-tap logging of whatever kind of journey you’re about to make.

Best for a mental workout – Lumosity

Lumosity appDownload it now for iOS and Android

Being active with your Fitbit isn’t just great for a healthy body – it’s also a brilliant way to sharpen your brain. With more than 25 fun cognitive games designed with scientists, Lumosity encourages you to test 5 core cognitive abilities on a daily basis for a thorough mind workout. The interesting part is when Lumosity pulls stats from your Fitbit and lets you see how your physical activity relates to your daily brain training. Are you more on the ball when you’ve had a good step day? Does the monotony of a Friday afternoon at work affect your ability to memorise things? These are all fascinating patterns and trends that Lumosity can tell you more about when it meets your Fitbit.

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