It's easy to make any home a bit smarter, and you can do it today. These simple gadgets will, in conjunction with your iPhone, automate your lights and electrical outlets - and more. Check these out:

We got our initial flurry of excitement out of the way with some incredibly irresistible reasons to get Apple Homekit, but now it’s time to really make the magic happen.

Here are five seriously smart products available in the UK that can connect via Homekit to form part of your Internet of Things empire. Just imagine Siri is the queen, Homekit is the king, and you’re a sort of – dare we say it? – God.

Incipio Wireless OutletIncipio smart plugs

Incipio’s range of smart plugs puts your gadgets quite literally at your beck and call. When one of your devices is plugged into a wall socket via one of Incipio’s smart plugs you can command it to do your bidding using Siri voice commands.

Well, not quite your bidding – your desk lamp isn’t about to grow legs and fetch the groceries for you. But it’s got some cool new tricks. A simple “Siri, turn off the lights” is all it will take to light up your room, and likewise to switch it off.

The plugs even have proximity detection, so certain electronics will turn on when a person enters the room.

The Direct Wireless Smart Outlet, and the Direct Wireless Smart Lamp Adapter are both around £16.

Eve HomeEve Home Monitoring

Elgato’s range of Eve smart home accessories is a little like a wellness coach for your home. Connected to Homekit, the Eve range gives you an overall picture of how happy and energy efficient your home is via an app on your phone.

The Eve Room monitors air quality, temperature and humidity inside your home, whilst the Eve Weather keeps an eye on the same factors outside.

Eve Door and Window lets you check if your doors and windows are closed, and Eve Energy lets you see how much energy your devices consume, allowing you to turn them on and off remotely via the app.

The entire range tethers to your iPhone or iPad via the Homekit, starting at £34.95 for Eve Door and Window, and reaching £69.95 for Eve Room.

Philips HuePhilips Hue Automated Lights

Philips automated lightbulbs connect to an app on your phone via your WiFi to let you manage up to 50 individual light sources at a time.

This doesn’t just mean you can switch your lights on and off from your phone. Philips Hue lightbulbs can be customised to glow different colours to create various scenes around your home. Fancy a hot pink sunset in the living room, or a cool blue glow during your dinner party? Save your favourite scenes in the app and quickly recall them whenever the mood takes you.

The Starter Kit is around £174.99, with additional bulbs at around £50.

Withings HomeWithings Home

This wide-angle security camera monitors your home day and night, and sends high-quality time-lapse footage to your iPhone, iPad, or even your Apple watch

Home has two microphones, air quality tracking, and a motion sensor so it can alert you when it picks up on activity. You can even pan, tilt, and zoom remotely using the app. Home will auto-focus on each frame where it picks up activity.

Use Home in your garden to optimise your home security, and inside the house to monitor the toddler, or make sure the dog doesn’t climb on the sofa.

Withings Home is £169.95.



Tempo Environment Monitor

Another gadget out to keep your home happy, this pleasingly pebble-shaped device by Blue Maestro is designed to track environmental conditions in particularly sensitive parts of your house.

When connected to Homekit, Tempo allows you to monitor humidity, barometric pressure, temperature, and other variables from your smartphone.

From making sure the nursery is at the perfect temperature for your little ones to drift off to sleep, to keeping your collectables safe from damaging humidity, Tempo lets you keep track of a whole host of zones within your home that require a little extra care and attention.

Tempo is £45.

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