This isn't just any old tablet.

If you’re in the market for a new tablet and you’re bored of the standard tap ‘n’ swipe rectangle screen affair, the new Lenovo Yoga Book might appeal to your creatively-deprived soul.

Yoga Book does far more than a mere tablet with apps. In a button’s tap, Yoga Book’s fold-out ‘create pad’ turns into a glowing ‘Halo’ keyboard, letting you type on a discreet flat surface with haptic feedback. Lay the whole thing flat, and you’ve got a digital canvas that you can doodle, write and draw on with a stylus.

Lenovo Yoga Book writingThe cool part? Place your paper notebook on the pad, and Yoga Book’s electromagnetic field will capture your notes as you’re writing them, displaying them on the screen like for like. If that isn’t Hogwarts-worthy tech, we don’t know what is.

You’ll have to use the bundled stylus with a separate swap-in ink capsule for your written notes. This sends a signal to the tablet every time it’s being pressed against paper, helping it detect where the pen is. No special paper though – you can use whatever old notebook you’ve got lying around and just place it on the digitiser pad. Clever, eh?

Lenovo Yoga Book keyboardBeyond the fun Create pad and its endless possibilities, Yoga Book has enough sleek features that make it more than just a novelty tablet. It’s seriously skinny, with a 360˚ hinge so you can prop up the screen at any angle.

There’s an 8MP camera built in too, along with GPS and a powerful 8,500 mAh battery that can power the screen for a comfortable 13 hours. You get 4GB of RAM with Yoga Book, and there’s an SD card slot that can take up to 128GB of extra storage.

The Yoga Book is available in two versions – one Android-powered priced at £429.99, and a pricier version running on Windows 10 sitting at £509.99. Still, neither model is particularly costly when you consider you’re getting a tablet-laptop hybrid that can magic your art onto a screen. Both versions are available in grey or champagne gold. Buy the Lenovo Yoga Book here.