There's nothing quite like that stomach-lurching feeling when you realise you've misplaced something valuable to you. Luckily, there's a whole host of special gadgets and apps devoted to ending the habitual horror. Here are 5 of our favourites...


Tile Tag

This slim and wallet-friendly little Tile tag is perfect for anyone with a morbid fear of losing their cash or keys. No more tearing through the house like a raging bull in the morning trying to find the key to your car – Tile has you covered within an 80 foot Bluetooth range. One tap of its mobile app, and Tile will beep on demand to guide you towards your treasured item. If you lose something out and about, Tile uses crowd GPS to help you discover where you left it by tapping into the GPS location of other Tile app users. If that isn’t peace of mind enough, Tile will also make your lost phone ring if you press it.

Buy Tile for $25 (£17) here.


Pally tracker

This car key-shaped tracker is a whiz when it comes to geo-fencing your precious things – namely anything that fits on a keyring. If you have no idea what geo-fencing is, it basically lets you set an invisible “fence” on a map that issues an alert if your item strays outside of it. While Pally’s Bluetooth range is a little less than troopers like the Tile at around 60 to 70 feet, it offers the convenience of rechargeable and replaceable batteries. Like you’d expect from any great tracker, it also bleeps to help you find it, and acts as a reverse tracker for your missing phone.

You can grab Pally for $24.99 (£17) here.

Trackr Tablet app

iPhoneTrackr Tablet understands that losing your shiny precious iThings is the least fun ever. As a kind gesture, the app will find your missing iPhone or iPad without even needing ta WiFi or GPS signal. Instead, if your iThing goes missing and you’re nowhere near its hiding place, you can tell Trackr Tablet you’ve lost it, and the app will receive updates if any of the hundreds of thousands other Trackr users go within 100 feet of it. Trackr Tablet will then pinpoint your lost device on a map to swiftly guide you closer. If you know you’re nearby your lost device but can’t see it, Trackr Tablet also lets you call it on one of your other paired devices – even if that device is a tablet or if your lost device is set to silent.

Like all the best things in like, Trackr Tablet is completely free. Download it here.


Tagg trackerIf your furry friend loves hide and seek way too much, Tagg is the one and only tracker you need in your life. This handy GPS gizmo attaches to your pet’s collar and lets you see where they’re lurking at all times in an app on your phone.You can set their home base within the app and receive alerts if they wander off, and even receive information about their surroundings, like whether they’re too hot, or actually shivering their tail off in next’s door’s garage. Should you ever need to go and fetch your pet from a far-off hiding place, the Tagg app will give you directions on how to get there so you can find your little escape artist quickly and easily.

You can grab Tagg for $79.95 (around £52) from

Pebblebee Honey

Pebblebee Honey

Pebblebee Honey (which incidentally also wins the prize for coolest name) is a coin-shaped tracker that wants to track practically everything you own. From keys, phones and wallets to tablets, backpacks, cameras and even power tools, Pebblee Honey will cling to practically anything to keep it under close surveillance. It also boasts a Bluetooth range of a whopping 150 feet, and is packing both a speaker and an LED light for beckoning you towards your lost stuff in the dark. The real boon with Pebblebee Honey is its multi-function button, which sounds your phone’s alarm and control its camera for group shots.

You can grab this helpful fella here for $25 (£17).