Forget counting sheep - these stylish smart gadgets for your bedroom are all you need for a long, dreamless night's sleep (and a fresh face in the morning)...

Smart home tech isn’t just about talking to your fridge or clapping the lights on – there’s a whole world of stylish tech items designed to transform your bedroom into a soothing zen zone. Here are the ones we reckon you shouldn’t live without:

For drifting off without a care – Kokoon headphones

KokoonTrouble dozing off at night? Pop on these Kokoon sleep-sensing headphones and let smart audio send you into dreamland. Kokoon use EEG (electroencephalogram) tech to analyse your brainwaves and determine how deeply you’re sleeping, then make sure the volume of your audio track is at the perfect level to keep you in the land of nod until morning. Plus, Whether it’s a snoring partner, noisy neighbours, or a crowded train that’s keeping you awake, Kokoon promise to completely cancel out the racket and transport you into the ultimate sleep sanctuary. They also analyse your sleep to identify trends and constantly adapt their technique.

You can pre-order Kokoon here for $229 (£158)

For getting up and staying up – Ruggie

RuggieIf wild horses couldn’t drag you out of bed in the morning, Ruggie is the best bit of bedroom tech you could invest in. An alarm disguised as a soft and fluffy mat that sits on the floor by your bed, Ruggie can only be silenced when you actually drag your lazy behind out of bed and stand on it for three seconds. The idea is that once those three seconds are over, you won’t be tempted to crawl back under the covers because you will have conquered the one thing you find the hardest in the world to do: get up. Ruggie is made from a memory foam pad covered in a soft fleecy fabric, which when you think about it is like a big warm hug for your feet as a reward for their early morning touchdown.

You can pre-order Ruggie here for $79 (£55). Shipping is set for September this year.

For personalised sleep therapy – Holi SleepCompanion

Holi Sleep CompanionScreens, noise and bright lights keep us awake at night, but Holi’s SleepCompanion light therapy system promises to be the ultimate antidote. A smart lightbulb that fits inside your existing lamp reproduces natural light adapted to the time of day, glowing gently at night to avoid disrupting the secretion of sleep-inducing melatonin, then blue in the morning to reduce melatonin and help you wake up. Meanwhile, the Holi app on your phone tracks your sleep and keeps an eye on your sleep cycles. It also detects lights and sound distractions that keep you awake, which might alert you to major sleep disruptions you weren’t aware about, like that leaky tap. If you need an extra helping hand nodding off, Holi’s app can guide you through yoga-inspired breathing exercises before bedtime.

Holi SleepCompanion is available for €79 (£63) here. It’s only shipping to Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Sweden at the moment.

For bedroom blinds that read your mind – FlipFlic

FlipFlicFlipFlic is a tiny discreet device that connects to your existing blinds and magically tilts, opens and closes them to suit the mood. With light and temperature sensors, FlipFlic automatically adjust the amount of light filtering through according to how bright the room is getting. For instance, if you’re enjoying a lie-in on a Saturday morning but the light from the sun is keeping you awake, FlipFlip will make sure your blinds are at the best position for blocking out the rays. You can also tell the app exactly what temperature you like the bedroom, and the FlipFlic device will aim to maintain it by opening or closing your blinds to harness the warmth of natural sunlight. FlipFlic is solar-powered, so you never have to charge it.

You can pre-order FlipFlic from Kickstarter, where early bird deals start at around $85 (£59).

For vegging out with a film – Tstand

TstandTstand is a portable tablet stand that lets you use your tablet hands-free whether you’re lying down, reclining, or simply too lazy to support it with your own arms. With an ergonomic design that helps it rest nicely on your chest, stomach, or hips, Tstand leaves you free to get as comfy as possible under the covers while you watch your favourite film or show. Tstand will support pretty much any size tablet, with an adjustable bracket that brings it closer to eye level, and silicone grippers to prevent any tablet-to-the-face mishaps that might occur at compromising angles. It can even transition into a selfie stick – albeit a rather cumbersome and indiscreet one.

Grab T-stand for $49 (£34) here.