A new app called Wink wants to act as a single controller for all the connected gadgets in your home.

From lights and blinds, to security and power, the Wink app can make a whole host of smart connected devices work together to make your home smarter and safer. Either through the app on your phone (iOS and Android), or via the optional Relay touch-sensitive wall controller, you can use Wink to control various brands of devices at once for ultimate home automation ease.

You’ll need to grab the Wink hub to get all the gadgets in your home playing along nicely, but after a quick initial setup you’re good to go. Without further ado, here are 5 of Wink’s new best friends…

1. Osram Lightify lightbulbs

Osram bulbOsram’s smart LED light bulbs give you complete creative freedom to turn your home into an ambient haven. With the Wink app, you can control how all of the Osram bulbs throughout your house behave, toggling between cosy soft white hues, and energising white daylight depending on the atmosphere you’re after. You can buy Osram Lightify bulbs for $30 (£21) each.

2. Ring Video Doorbell

Ring video doorbellRing connects to your WiFi to send a notification to your phone whenever someone’s at the door, with a mic so you have a two-way chat with your visitor. Motion sensors detect all doorstep activity and send an instant alert to your phone, as well as activating Ring’s HD night vision camera. Wink comes into play when you want to make Ring work together with other smart devices, like those Osram bulbs in your hall, maybe, or even your smart door lock. Wouldn’t that be handy? You can buy Ring for $200 (£139).

3. Nest learning thermostat

Nest Third GenerationThe Nest learning thermostat is a brilliant way to cut your home’s energy consumption. By connecting to your phone, it can analyse your heating habits to create smarter heating schedules, and give you full control whether you’re home and away. Fancy having it turn down the heating when your smart blinds open in the morning? That’s what Wink is here for. You can buy Nest for $249 (£173).

4. Rheem EcoNet Water Heater

Rheem Econet water heaterOne of these fellas will give you full control over your hot water heating whether you’re sitting at your desk at work, browsing the vegetable aisle, or in a taxi home from the airport. With its new Wink partnership, you can create now schedules to cut consumption, get leak alerts, service diagnostics, and status updates – all via your new favourite Wink app. EcoNet will set you back an incredibly reasonable $578 (£400).

5. Chamberlain MyQ garage door openerChamberlain MyQ

This clever gadget lives on your garage door to give you the freedom of opening it and closing whenever, and wherever you like. It’s a neat security tool too, using its motion sensors to detect when the door opens and closes, sending an alert to your phone in case there’s trouble afoot. Wouldn’t it be nice if your Nest thermostat cranked down the heating when you left for work in the morning? Or the hot water turned on ready for a bath when you got home in the evening? It’s now all possible thanks to Wink’s clever home automation trickery. You can buy Chamberlain MyQ for $129 (£89).