Smart tech isn't just for the home - there are some brilliant gadgets that you can pack up and take with you for a safe and smooth trip away. Here are 6 of our favourites...

These brilliant technologies could help make any journey go just that bit smoother. Whether it’s suitcases than follow you around, to stickers than ensure you’ll never lose an item of luggage again, there’s a plethora of new devices and gadgets on the way. Check these out:

Smart-Unit Luggage Tracker – for peace of mind that your bag is safe


Know your case is safe and where it should be for your entire trip with this Smart-Unit luggage tracker. With onboard Bluetooth and GPS, this compact gizmo sits snug inside your case to give you 24/7 access to its location wherever in the world you – and it – are. In an app on your phone you can track, monitor, and locate it with a single tap. No more worrying that your case isn’t safely tucked where it should be in the luggage hold underneath you, because if you ever stray ever out of range, Smart-Unit will send you an instant alert . What’s more, if someone tries to open your luggage, the device will ring to warn them off, and send an alert to let you know when and where someone peeked inside.

You can grab Smart-Unit for just $79.99 (£56) here.

Bluesmart – for tracking, securing and weighing your luggage


Bluesmart is a smart suitcase that connects to your phone via Bluetooth to let you track its location, weigh, and lock it from an app on your phone. With a built-in digital scale, you’ll never have to worry about going over the baggage limit again. Simply pick up your Bluesmart suitcase by its handle to see an instant weight measurement in the app. Once you’ve weighed it, it’s ready to be locked – the smart way. Its integrated digital lock can be controlled via an app on your phone, and the built-in proximity sensors make sure it automatically locks if you’re ever separated from it. In the event that you’re parted from Bluesmart, its location tracking sensors will send its exact location to a map within the app. Bluesmart also partners with Uber to automatically locate a taxi when you land at the airport. In the highly unlikely event that you lose your Bluesmart suitcase, it’ll be delivered to your location courtesy of an Uber driver.

Buy Bluesmart for $399 (£278) here.

The Vago travel tool – for super-sizing your luggage space


If you can’t resist bringing home half of the ocean in your holiday luggage, you probably need Vago. An egg-sized vacuum tool that you can carry with you everywhere, Vago gives you the power to vacuum-pack every soft item in your luggage to its smallest form. You know that moment when you’re packing to come home from your holiday and find that your clothes have mysteriously tripled in size? That’s exactly when Vago is going to save you some tears. To use it pop your clothes into one of Vago’s special bags, attach Vago onto the bag’s small air vent fixture, plug it into the power, and push to button to make the shrinking commence. Vago’s built-in smart sensor detects pressure, and is able to automatically stop sucking when your clothes have been fully compressed.

Vago is way ahead of its funding goal over on Kickstarter. Pre-order prices start at $30 (£20), depending on how many vacuum bags you want. Shipping is set for August 2016.

The EO Duffel carry-on – For the suave business traveller

Incase EO Duffel

EO Duffel is a handy little offering from bag and accessories designer Incase that wants to protect your mod cons in serious style.With an extra-large main compartment for tons of your stuff, a front zipper pocket, and a padded pocket designed to fit up to a 15-inch Macbook, EO Duffel has easy access to all of your mod-cons covered. There’ll be no frantic disemboweling of your suitcase on the terminal floor with EO Duffel, because all of the important stuff for your journey like your passport, boarding pass, and laptop is in perfect grabbing reach. Triple-coated weather-resistant side panels ensure that nothing will get soaked through while you’re dashing through the rain – especially that lovely Macbook. For versatility while you travel, EO Duffel has a removable padded shoulder strap and pair of perfectly sized carry straps.

EO Duffel is $149.95 (£104) from

Wistiki – For keeping your valuables close

Wistiki Voila

Don’t let your trip away be ruined by paranoia that you’ll lose your keys, wallet, phone or camera. With a Wistiki tracker, you can relax with the knowledge that your precious belongings are in safe hands. These tiny GPS trackers connect to your phone via Bluetooth to let you keep a watchful eye over where your important stuff is at all times. With a “virtual leash” feature, you’ll get an alert to your phone if ever you stray dangerously far away from your Wistiki-laden object. If you do happen to lose something, you can call it from the app. It works the other way round too – if you lose your phone, you can use a Wistiki tracker to make it ring. There are three different Wistiki models to suit various gadgets: aha! is designed to fit on your pet’s collar, hola! is a credit card-sized version that slips into wallets, and voila! lives on keys and pretty much an gadgets you’re prone to losing.

Wistikis are €49 (£39) each. You can buy them here.

Mini Safe Wallet – For keeping your cash and cards slimline and safe

Mini Safe Wallet

A hard, lightweight stainless alloy wallet inspired by your metallic suitcase, the Mini Safe Wallet is a code-encrypted brute that puts an impenetrable forcefield around your valuables and cash. The Mini Safe Wallet essentially acts like a faraday cage, preventing magnetic waves from demagnetising your cards. Plus, it’s RFID-safe, which means your cards are impervious to electromagnetic fields used by hackers to steal your identity through your pocket. It’s also packing an IoT brain, connecting to an app on your phone to let you track it, view its location, and even set a virtual leash so that you’ll get an alert if your wallet ever strays out of comfortable range of your pocket. Of course, in the event that anyone else does get hold of it, they’re not going to be able to get past its combination lock. Only you can access it, so it’s as good to a stranger as an old boot. The perfect solution for carrying around all those Euros and Dollars.

The Mini Safe Wallet is comfortably past its funding goal over on Kickstarter. Pre-order prices start at €79 (£62). Shipping is set for August 2016.

And once you’ve got it all together, you can go see all the beautiful sights…

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