If this catches on, Instagram is going to go into overdrive...

Update: The 61N was a success Kickstarter, raising $72,815. You can now find more info on their site.

61N isn’t the only wearable tech we’ve met that wants to make a photo diary of your every waking hour. The first time, it was Will.i.am’s ever-so-slightly creepy Narrative Jacket with a hidden camera that secretly takes 8,000 photos per day of everything at your chest level.

Now, it’s the turn of 61N. And while it’s pretty much the same concept, at least this one is actually visible to people around you, which is infinitely less stalker-y. The idea is that in an app on your phone, you can choose exactly how many photos per minute – or second – you want 61N to take in a day. Then, with the camera securely clipped to your shirt pocket, you just go about your business and let the covert shooting commence.

61N Press Shot

The quality of 61N’s snaps is pretty sharp too. It’s an 8MP camera with the ability to capture 720px HD video footage. There’s a lighting sensor, gyro sensor and GPS too, which helps you get clearer pix, and also means you can track where all your photos were taken on Google Maps through the 61N app. The camera also has 4GB of internal storage for your daily snaps, but you can also auto-save them to the cloud for backup.

61N is protected by curved Gorilla glass, which is the same sturdy, scratch-resistant stuff you find on a lot of new smartphones. When it comes to your own protection, though, we can’t guarantee you’ll be safe when your onboard camera gets you into a pickle. We’ve said it before – and we’ll say it again – it’s all fun and games until you inadvertently walk in on your best friend’s mum in the shower and accidentally hit the “upload to Facebook” button. That, people, is a criminal record waiting to happen.

If you’re down with the idea capturing an endless camera roll of every mundane moment in your life, you can pre-order 61N from Kickstarter. Pre-order prices start at $77 (£53), and the release date is set for July 2016 if the campaign can gather enough funding.