Streaming giant Roku has launched an updated streaming stick that packs an even more powerful punch than its predecessor.

If you’re not already familiar with Roku’s offerings to the world of quick-fix streaming, their tiny purple stick is a good place to start. It’s basically a dongle that plugs into your bog-standard TV’s HDMI port to inject it with thousands of cool streaming channels for endless viewing.

This week, Roku has announced an updated version of its 2014 stick that’s thinner, faster and better than before. Now packing a quad-core processor, Roku says its next-gen stick is 8 times more powerful than its purple predecessor, which should make browsing those thousands of online channels and apps such as Netflix and YouTube a dream.

The stick comes with its own simple, dinky remote for quick and easy menu hopping, but you can also use the Roku app on your phone to control everything the stick does. Roku has also added a private listening feature to the app that means you can stick in your headphones and listen to the audio through your phone so you won’t disturb others in the room.

The stick will also run on the all-new Roku OS 7.1 software currently in the process of rolling out to all Roku devices. This will add program suggestions to your menu based on crowdsources searches, meaning you’ll get recommendations based on trending shows, not just what’s new.

Aside from that, the stick retains of our favourite features, like the ability to use the Roku app to play personal videos, music, and view photos, as well dual-band MIMO antenna and support for 1080px video.

The new Roku streaming stick went on sale in the US yesterday for $50 (around £35), but there’s still no news about when it will be available in the UK. You can grab the previous model for £50 here.