It's tons cheaper than a Roomba AND comes with stick-on facial features. We'll leave you to do the maths.

Robot floor cleaners are the best. They tootle around our homes saving us bags of time on the housework, are tiny and compact, and double as fairground attractions for our bored cats. Could they possibly be any more awesome?

Turns out they really could. The gadget you see before you is the Mopet Robot Mop – a nifty dust nipper that roams about your house collecting debris while you do other more fun and important things. The reason it kind of resembles a squashed Moomin Papa (at least to pre-90s kids) is because it comes with its own array of facial feature stickers to make it look like an adorable little character.

Just what your high-tech Roomba is missing? We think so.

Mopet Robot MopWhen you’re satisfied you’ve anthropomorphised your Mopet Robot Mop to a level that makes it feel like part of the family, you can pop it on the floor and let it clean away for up to 6 hours. There’s also a 10 minute time for short cleaning bursts. While it busies itself scooping up muck, the Mopet Robot Mop will release pretty fragrances from its aroma tray to freshen up every room.

Mopet Robot Mop cleaningSadly, you can’t get out of cleaning completely. The Mopet Robot Mop will sometimes need a bit of TLC when its microfibre coat gets dirty. You can either brush it clean, or take it off to hand-wash it.

The best news? The Mopet Robot Mop is the fraction of the cost of a high-end floor-cleaning robo-friend at just £24.99. You can buy it now from Firebox.