Amazon's music-streaming service joins the likes of Apple Music, Spotify and Deezer on your Sonos Speakers' friends list.

A set of wireless speakers from the Sonos family is fast becoming one of our most coveted pieces of tech. Just a couple of months back, Sonos added Apple Music to its streaming repertoire, and now Amazon Prime Music has jumped aboard.

With access to over one million songs and hundreds of hand-curated playlists, Amazon Prime Music will now allow for unlimited on-demand streaming through any Sonos speakers in your house. Or multiple rooms, if you opt for the ultimate Sonos experience of beaming your music to a few speakers dotted about the house. You’ll be able to access all of your own playlists and personalised music stations, as well as all of the music you’ve saved to your Amazon Music Library.

Amazon Prime Music Devices

Amazon Prime Music can also be streamed on your desktop, phone, tablet, or smart TV.

To link up your Sonos speakers with your Prime account, just visit the Sonos app, hit “add music services”, and log into your Amazon Prime Music account from there. If you’re not already the proud owner of an Amazon Prime Account, which isn’t unlikely given the music streaming service only launched last year, you’ll obviously have to sign up for one before the Prime-Sonos marriage can take place. It’s £79 a year, which isn’t half bad for unlimited ad-free tunes.

If you’re already an Amazon Prime Music listener, there’s an extra bit of good news. Amazon will be giving away one Sonos PLAY:1 speaker every day from Friday 29th April to Thursday 5th May for people streaming select Prime playlists. You can find out more by visiting Amazon Prime Music on Twitter.