Lost your car keys? Your wallet? ...The dog? XY will find them - and bring them back.

There’s not exactly a shortage of thing-trackers on the market. We’ve already had the pleasure of meeting Wistiki, TrackR and The O. And next on the list vying to be the hero that reunites you with your long-lost items is XY.

A dinky, hexagonal and colourful little tag, XY is a Bluetooth tracker that you can attach onto anything you’re prone to losing to keep it within your sights. If you do happen to misplace one of your important XY-clad things, you can simply go into the app, see a glowing beacon on a map showing you where your thing is, and use XY’s signal strength indicator to quickly locate it.

XY can track your stuff within a range of around 70 metres, which doesn’t seem like much until you learn that XY can alert you if you and your phone start to stray too far away from your item. This usually means that you can quickly go back to retrieve your lost valuables before you’ve got anywhere close to 70 metres away.

If you do happen to go completely out of range, XY will also tell you when you had your item last to help you start searching in the right place. In case you don’t have your phone to hand, you can just log on to your XY account on any device to access your XY device’s data. For an extra helping hand in locating your lost stuff, you can also make XY beep.

The great news is that XY is cheap as chips. It’s just $49.94 (£34) if you include the shipping cost to the UK, which is comparatively low to other high-end trackers. Buy it here.