The coffee-cup shaped Google OnHub router will now let you dabble in some home automation wizardry using IFTTT.

Google OnHub is taking a leaf out of Amazon Echo‘s book and entering home automation territory with its brand new ability to talk to your gadgets via the smart recipe-making app IFTTT.

The smart router’s primary purpose is to beam super-fast WiFi via its 13 antennas, and it also offers troubleshooting tips on your mobile, laptop or tablet to help you fix connection hiccups. With the new IFTTT friendship, though, OnHub transforms into a hub for a connected lifestyle at your fingertips.

The kind of smart home luxuries you can expect includes tricks like your lights turning on when you arrive home, the front door automatically locking when you close it behind you in the morning, and even helpful alerts like an email when the kids arrive home from school. Of course, you’ll have to be in possession of gadgets like Philips Hue lights, smart locks, and motion sensors in the first place, but if you’re set, all it takes is just a bit of mixing and match using IFTTT.IFTTT lets you easily create ways for your various gadgets to work together.While it’s an exciting step forward for OnHub, we’re not sure whether it’s enough for the router to earn itself a place among the top smart home performers just yet. If you’re after some of the best WiFi around and you’re just a tad smart home-curious, then you’re in luck. But if you want to dive into home automation head-first, you’d probably be better suited to a pure-blood smart home hub.

Google OnHub is $199.99 (£136), but it’s currently only available in the US. Find out more about it here.