Facebook on your wrist sounds dangerously addictive...

If having Facebook in your pocket isn’t enough to quell your insatiable news feed cravings, Littlebook might just be your new best friend (and possibly your downfall).

Littlebook is an unofficial Facebook app that has successfully packed the majority of Facebook’s most important features into the teeny tiny Apple Watch screen. With Littlebook, you can browse your entire news feed, like posts with a single tap, and even view photo and video posts. Videos will play in their own separate view.

Articles are also there, and can even be downloaded to read later on your watch. We’ll leave it to you to decide whether reading articles on the smallest screen in your life is a major boon, or potentially the most infuriating thing you could ever attempt to do. There’s offline mode too, which gives you previews of articles when you’re stuck for WiFi.

Of course, you can also update your all-important status, which is better done using voice dictation. Again, that might not be a massive help when you want to announce to your Facebook friends that you just inadvertently spat out a mouthful of donut sprinkles onto your work keyboard and you hope nobody saw.

Caveats aside, Littlebook is probably the only way to go right now if you want to send your Facebook feed wrist-wards. You can download it for $2.99 from the app store.