Leave your precious plants in the capable hands of PlantAqua next time you jet off on holiday.

If you haven’t got a trusted neighbour to pop in and water your plants when you’re away, that two week holiday you’re planning could spell the untimely demise of your treasured indoor flowers and shrubs.

Not to worry though – a Kickstarter called PlantAqua wants to save the day. A battery-powered device that clings onto your plant pot, PlantAqua hydrates your plants with water when you’re away – or too busy to remember to do it yourself. Just Pop PlantAqua on the side of your plant pot, direct one end of its watering pipe into the soil and the other into a bottle of water by your plant pot, set the timer, and PlantAqua will take control.

You can customise PlantAqua’s watering schedule depending on what kind of plants you have and how much water they need to thrive on. The onboard dial lets you choose a time schedule ranging from every 2 hours to once a week, and lets you fine-tune the watering dose from 20 ml up to 400 ml in a single feed.

When we first heard about PlantAqua, we were kind of disappointed about its lack of connectivity. There’s no WiFi or Bluetooth connecting PlantAqua to a phone app, putting the power of custom schedules or remote watering from afar at your fingertips. But actually, when you think about it, this is one occasion where it’s not essential. This is no smart garden or exotic indoor microhabitat that requires finely-honed customisation. It’s something you can easily set up in seconds before you go away, and then forget about until you’re home.

If you’re down with the idea of PlantAqua, you can back it on Kickstarter now, with early bird deals starting at €35 (£27). If you want to water multiple plants, you can spend a bit more to get extra nozzles and piping configurations to water up to 3 plants at once, which is pretty nifty. If PlantAqua hits its funding goal (funding is low at the moment, but there’s still time for the campaign to gain some traction), its release date is scheduled for some time in June.