Nothing does the job like the decapitated head of a Muppet.

Dusting. It’s one of the biggest yawn fests known to mankind. But thanks to this Mocoro robot cleaning ball, it’s about to get a whole lot more jazzy.

A pink microfibre fur ball with a mind of its own, Mocoro bumbles about your house willy-nilly to guzzle up all the dust and dirt that you’re too lazy to sweep up yourself. It will clean for 15 minutes on the trot before pausing to conserve battery life, and then continue cleaning when you pick it up and set it down near another dusty patch.

When Mocoro has picked up all the dirt it can carry, you can simply take off its furry coat and stick it in the washing machine. While you’re at it, you can change the batteries, which will power the bot for around 3 hours of continuous operation.

Does it have an AI brain to map your floors like the Roombas and iRobots of today? No, it doesn’t. Does it have a built-in camera to capture close-up footage of your mucky carpets? Alas, it does not. What is does have, however, is some serious pizazz.

If you are at ease with the idea of a very jazzy tumbleweed sweeping your floors, you can grab Mocoro from Firebox for £24.99.