It's the perfect way to get your blood pumping and the productivity flowing. And possibly to get sacked.

Human Hamster WheelThere are some neat gadgets on the market to help you work on your feet – like this genius HOVR device that lets you walk sitting down, and the brilliant Wurf board that encourages some healthy fidgeting at your standing desk.

But that’s no fun. If you’re going to break the chains of your static work desk and free your legs from the shackles of 9 to 5, you need to do it in style. Realistically, the only thing to do is make yourself a giant hamster wheel.

That’s was the thinking behind this collaboration between Pier 9 between Artist-in-Residence RobbGodshaw and Instructables Developer Will Doenlen, anyway. Armed with 4 sheets of ¾” Plywood, 4 skate wheels, 2 pipes, 240 wood screws, a pint of glue, and “a good attitude”, the team hit the Instructables office in the small hours to create a fully functioning giant hamster wheel that was 80 inches in diameter.

They first designed the hamster wheel using Autodesk Inventor, and have kindly provided the schematics for the DIY project on Instructables to enable wannabe human hamsters with a penchant for DIY to make their own wheel.

Check out the finished product in motion: