Washing, ironing and hanging up clothes is so painfully dull that it can literally reduce grown men to tears. Probably. Luckily for us, the word of smart tech has heard our cries. Check out some of the best smart tech for organising your laundry without the heartache...

ThreadStax – for all of your obsessive-compulsive folding needsThreadStax

ThreadStax is US innovator Scott Kosmach’s solution to one of modern society’s most pressing niggles: the inability to keep our clothes neatly folded. With all of your garments neatly tucked away using ThreadStax, you can easily stack or retrieve a jumper from the bottom of a pile of lovingly-folded clothes without causing sartorial mayhem.

How does it work? ThreadStax is a basically a wall bracket with lightweight load-bearing spacers that snap in and out of place using magnets. There are ventilation holes in the spacers to keep your clothes fresh, flip and pull tabs for easy grabbing, and a variety of bracket sizes to suit drawers and wardrobes.

For the truly obsessive-compulsive among us, there are also ThreadStax folders to help you fold your clothes into pleasingly neat parcels. So genius it’ll have the inventor of the humble coat hanger turning in his grave.

ThreadStax kits start at $85 (£58) – you can buy them online here.

LG Styler – Dry cleaning, but not as you know itLG Styler

Visiting the dry cleaners every time your favourite suit needs refreshing is a pain. But with the LG Styler, you can now simply hang up your clothes at home and come back in approximately 83 minutes to a fresh set of steam-cleaned garments.

The Styler is basically a tall thin cupboard that looks a little like the lovechild of a wardrobe and a fridge. With one touch of a button, hot steam is sprayed onto your clothes and they vibrate side to side for a thorough freshening up without any harsh chemicals.

There’s also an app called Tag-On which lets you download customised cycles specific to garment type, and program the Styler with one touch. Styler is perfect for dry-clean items that need a little extra care, like woollen jumpers or silk-lined coats. It also has a Pants Press function that irons out wrinkles in your trousers.

Touting itself as the Swiss Army Knife of style assistants, Closet is a wardrobe organising app that lets you closely manage, track and outfit-match every single item of clothing you own. Simply snap a quick picture every time you buy a new item to add it to your visual library, and bask in the luxury of being able to browse the entire contents of your wardrobe wherever you are in the world.

It’s not just handy for keeping track of what clothes you own and seeing what matches, though. There are some great extra features like a built-in calendar for outfit planning in advance, and a Favourites section that lets you save the cream of the crop in one place.

You can even create virtual categories like Spring, Summer, Formal and Sporty to make it quicker to find the right clothes for the occasion,

You can download Closet from the App Store. It’s iOS only at the moment we’re afraid, folks.

Peggy – The smart clothes peg that wants to help outPeggy

Having your day monumentally ruined by a surprise downpour from the heavens comes part and parcel with living in the UK. But washing day could be forever exempt from that rule thanks this smart little clothes peg by Omo.

Peggy clips onto your clothes line just like any other peg to keep your clothes in place. But unlike its humble wooden kin, Peggy is secretly packing light, temperature and humidity sensors and a WiFi connection. By accessing local weather forecasts and data from the internet, Peggy can predict oncoming rain and instantly send an alert to your phone to warn you to bring in the washing.

What’s more, it will even keep an eye on your load when it’s in the machine, alerting you when your washing is done and even estimating how long it will take your clothes to dry based on the conditions outside.

FoldiMate – Your personal robot clothes folder (seriously)

FoldiMateOn a good day, folding your clothes is just another dull chore. On a bad day? It can feel like the world’s cruel way of reminding you that you’ll never be rich enough to have someone else to do your laundry for you. With this FoldiMate robot, however, the dog days are over.

Currently a prototype, FoldiMate is a clothes folding robot that promises to neatly fold your clothes in just 10 seconds. That’s 10 precious seconds you can spend doing other, much more superior and important stuff, like ordering about your robot butler.

As an added courtesy, FoldiMate will also steam and de-wrinkle your clothes so they’re crisp and fresh next time you pull them out to wear. What’s really great is that you can pop in around 20 – 30 items per load, so it’s not like you’ll have to stand by and manually feed your clothes into the machine – God forbid.

Small caveat for weird pant folding people – Foldimate doesn’t work with underwear or socks. Please go away and rethink your life choices.

FoldiMate should be available to buy in 2017 for $850 (£580). Find out more about FoldiMate here.