Because that gruyère toastie with a maple syrup and cinnamon drizzle you ate for lunch yesterday would look even better on your mantle piece.

Addicted to Instagram? Spent hours and hours of your life carefully curating your Insta feed to make your life look a perfect Pinterest board come to life? You’re going to love Instacube.

Instacube is, essentially, a digital photo frame with a 768 x 768 lcd display that can only display photos and videos from your Instagram feed. It syncs to your Insta account via WiFi to auto-download every single hashtag-laden snap or clip you upload to your feed, and then displays them as a slideshow for you and your house guests to see again, and again…and again.

InstacubeThere are even speakers built into the cube so you can hear video audio, and there’s a heart button on top that lets you save favourite posts to the cube’s 4GB memory to quickly find again whenever you want – even if you’re offline. Instacube’s screen is also touch-sensitive, letting you dive into your feed by tapping and swiping at the cube rather than having to pull out your phone and enter the app.

Of course, the obvious market for Instacube is the serious Insta #addicts amongst us, but there are ways to make Instacube a more social tool for everyone to enjoy. Put it at the heart of your party, for instance, and your friends will see moments captured during the night on Instacube in real-time. It’s even being plugged at businesses who want to show off their feed on a shop floor, or attract crowds at events.

You can pre-order Instacube from Firebox for £149. It’s available in black, white or a retro design with the iconic Insta stripe.