This is possibly more magical than Cinderella.

An electronics company in Tokyo called AgIC has released a Disney-worthy promo video for an electricity pen, and it’s one of the most captivatingly adorable things you’ll see all day.

With the ability to draw up to 40 metres of art in conductive ink, the AgIc Circuit Marker lets you join up circuit components like LED lights and switches by drawing onto special film and circuit paper.

It doesn’t look like the pen is available to buy on its own, but AgIC is offering it as part of a Circuit Study kit, which contains all kinds of snap-on gizmos and gadgets to tether together in a pen stroke.

It seems that it’s designed for schools and educational centres at the moment, because you have to contact AgIC for a quote to get the kit.

For now, we’re happy to just keep marvelling at the the tiny illuminated world in AgIC’s mesmerising demo.