You can now use an app to put your feet up.

Picture this. You walk into your living room after a long day at the office. You’re tired; bleary eyed; ready to switch off for the evening. You slump into your favourite chair, pull out your phone and tap the screen once. The chair reclines gently. The foot rest rises to the perfect position to support your weary legs. A headrest tilts forward to take the strain off your aching neck. You heave a sigh of relief and close your eyes. What bliss.

This is the kind of dream life that British sofa company ROM is promising. Its new app called Aladin is here to put full control over your smart sofa at your fingertips. Designed to control all of ROM’s Premium2 sofas and Cocoon recliner chairs, the app lets you remotely toggle head rests, foot rests and recline positions to your liking.

There’s even the option to save up to 5 favourite sofa positions in the Aladin app, and recall them with a single tap when you’re craving a certain level of relaxation. Imagine getting super-cosy in your armchair with a book and being able to recreate that same comfy position the next time you pick up your book. Would that be lovely?

Of course, you won’t always have your phone to hand, but that’s not a problem. All sofas and armchairs compatible with the Aladin app come with 5 hidden buttons down the side of a cushion which can be programmed to your 5 preset positions. Just give them a tap when your bum hits the cushion to make your chair transform.

The Aladin app is avilable to download for iOS and Android devices. Read more about it here.