One tiny nozzle, massive water savings.

We’ve seen Nebia and Hydrao do it for our showers, and now it’s time for Altered:Nozzle to do it for our taps. This tiny, affordable nozzle for your tap wants to save you mad amounts of water using the power of mist.

Altered:Nozzle works by atomising the water coming from your tap into millions of tiny droplets, creating a fine mist rather than one strong jet of water.

If you think about washing your hands under a normal tap – most of the water actually passes your skin without touching it, or simple bounces off. With Altered:Nozzle, nearly every single drop makes contact with your hands, giving them a thorough wash, but using a whopping 98% less water.

This means that you’re literally using just 2% of the water you normally use, but getting the exact same results, which is pretty mind-blowing. It works with washing the dishes, rinsing your veg, cleaning your toothbrush, and pretty much all of your other tap-related tasks.

altered-nozzle-water-saving-tapObviously, there are times when more water is better, like when you’re filling up the kettle or washing up bowl, so Altered:Nozzle comes with another mode called Saver Mode which releases more water. You just flick the nozzle to the side to quickly make the switch when you need it. You’ll still use 85% less water if you’re operating in Saver Mode.

Altered:Nozzle is easy to install yourself in seconds, simply screwing into your taps socket in place of its existing aerator. You can check your tap is compatible and jump in line for an early bird deal over on Kickstarter for just 249 Sewdish Kroner, which is roughly £22. The project is fully funded, so it looks set to ship worldwide as planned in December this year.