This tiny apartment crams in a bedroom, kitchen, home cinema, bathroom and gym into 118 square meters. How? Watch this...

Everyone who lives in a big city knows there’s barely enough space to live in. Even in comparatively low density cities like London, we’re increasingly turning houses into apartments, apartments into rooms, and rooms into dorms. And that would appear to be the end of it.

This amazing 118 square meter flat in Hong Kong has not, however, let a lack of physical elbow space get in the way of the owners’ ambition of a fully tricked out living experience.

Laab living room

Usually when we see this kind of thing, we see tiny rooms with all kinds of home appliance related jigsaw going on – fridges next to a wardrobe with the bed over the top, tumble driers next to shower units etc. But not this apartment.

Laab smart home cinema

Thanks to the space planning wizards at architects Laab, this smart home utilises an ingenious collection of manually moved units (with app controls for the environment), that can be reconfigured to create any specific room, in seconds. In the shot above, for example you can see the home cinema system being pulled into place.

Laab smart bathroom

Above, you can see how a bath is on its way to doubling up as a living room sofa.

Laab smart sleeping

While there’s even room for a couple of guests to stay over – all under the glow of app controlled mood lighting.

Laab - cat runEven the needs of the pet cats have been considered, with runs, hiding spaces and play areas built into the tops of all the living spaces.

The video above is well worth a look just to see how the flat can be configured for each separate living function.  Is this the answer to the challenges of urban living? Let us know in the comments below.

Via The Verge