She can now tell you what to cook tonight straight from your kitchen countertop.

Got the new Amazon Echo sitting in your kitchen? Here’s a nifty trick for you. Thanks to a partnership between the Jamie Oliver brand and AKQA, you can now ask the all-knowing Alexa what to cook for dinner tonight.

Just tell Alexa what you fancy, and she will scour the Jamie Oliver database to find the perfect recipe for you to cook. Alexa will read out a brief description of the recipe, along with information like cooking time and what skill level it requires.

Amazon Alexa Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo launched in the UK last month

Weirdly though, Alexa won’t read out cooking instructions; she will only email them to you, along with the full list of ingredients. And if you want full Alexa cooperation, having to dig out your phone to read the instructions sort of defeats the object.

Still, it’s a brand new skill, and it can only get better. The Jamie Oliver brand has already promised to update with new and seasonal recipes, and Alexa-owners will eventually be able to filter out recipes by their specific dietary requirements.

We’re sure it’s only a matter of time before Alexa will talk us through the instructions step by step, connecting to kitchen gadgets like timers, scales and ovens to work out when we’ve completed a step from the recipe.