Prime members can now re-order essential groceries just by touching a button in the cupboard.

It’s the moment Amazon Prime members have been waiting for. Amazon Dash buttons have finally made it to UK shores, and you grab yours now.

Tiny WiFi-equipped pods that you can stick or hang in a prominent place in the house, Amazon Dash buttons let you instantly order essential groceries via your Amazon Prime account with a single tap. Because in Amazon’s words, nobody gets retail therapy from buying toilet roll.

You’ll need a separate button for each household essential, and there are roughly 40 brands currently available, including the likes of Kleenex, Gilette, Olay, Whiskas, Fairy, Rimmel and Huggies. Amazon promises there are more to come.

Amazon Dash Button Olay and GilletteWhen you’ve grabbed a Dash button, you’ll need to go online and quickly link it to your Prime account, then assign the particular product from that brand that you’d like on tap. If you’ve picked up the Gilette Dash button, for instance, you’ll need to instruct it exactly which packet of razors you’d like it to order when you press it.

After that, it’s a simple case of waiting until you’re running out of that product, and then giving the button a press when it’s time to stock up again. You’ll get an automatic alert after you press the button with details such as price and estimated delivery time, including an option to cancel the order if you press by mistake.

Obviously, the latter option is useful if you’ve got kids in the house who can’t help pressing a button when they see it.

The best news? Amazon Dash buttons are completely free. Each Dash button costs £4.99 up front, but Amazon will credit that back to your account the first time you use it to make an order. You can browse all of the brands available via Dash buttons here.