Fancy arriving home to a surprise Amazon parcel sitting by your sofa? A pair of smart home gadget companies are trying to make it happen.

It’s not long at all since we found out that Amazon is testing parcel delivery drones in the south of England, but there’s already news of another nifty way our packages could be making their way to our homes.

According to a report in The Information, smart door and garage lock companies August and Garageio are on a mission to make in-home a delivery possible. That is – an Amazon delivery person would actually let themselves into your house when you’re not in, pop your parcel safely inside and be on their merry way.

So how will they do it without a key? Well, they won’t. They’ll have a temporary one. This is a feature August added to its smart door lock last year, letting owners of smart door locks give virtual “keys” to visitors via a smartphone app, granting them temporary access to the house when they’re not home.

August Lock

The August Smart Door Lock lets visitors enter your home with virtual “keys”

The obvious boon with this feature is that you don’t actually have to be in the house when you need to let someone in. In fact, you don’t even have to answer the door. It’s perfect for people expecting dog walkers, cleaners and service people when they’re at work or on holiday.

And if August and Garageio’s plans come to fruition, it’s perfect for your Amazon addiction too.

If Amazon accepts the service, you’ll be able to opt for in-home delivery at the checkout. Garageio’s service would work differently, giving couriers access to the garage rather than the entire house – providing the interior door is locked.

The Information’s report said that early tests have already been carried out in Seattle, but there’s currently no news on when – or whether – the service will roll out to the rest of the world.