The time has come to control your TV with your voice.

Amazon has announced an upgraded Amazon Fire TV Stick that comes with an Alexa-enabled remote to let you control your TV by talking.

Just a quick chat with the remote is now all it takes to search something to watch from the Fire TV stick’s massive range of on-demand apps, TV shows and films.

The Fire TV Stick itself has had a revamp too, packing a quad-core processor in place of its predecessor’s dual-core, and supporting much faster Wifi.

If you’ve had an ear to ground in the world of smart TV tech, you might already know that such a magical remote already exists – you just have to buy it separately from the existing Fire TV Stick at a cost of $10 (around £8). The upgraded Fire TV Stick comes with the Alexa remote bundled in, putting the cost of the package at just $40 (around £30).

The Stick and Alexa bundle is hitting the US in late October, but given Amazon Alexa is only just dipping her toes in the water of UK shores, there’s no word on when – or whether – a similar package will be up for grabs here. You can, however, grab the current Fire TV Stick for £34.99 here.