Amazon's fresh food delivery service could be arriving in parts of the UK as early as May 18th.

The luxury of next-day delivery of fresh groceries and everyday essentials from Amazon is hitting the UK this month, with chilled meals from “super food” seller Bol set for delivery on May 18th.

That’s the news from grocery magazine The Grocer, which learned that Amazon has been servicing a small number of customers from its east London depot. Amazon has also apparently told suppliers to begin deliveries within the next couple of weeks.

Amazon Fresh has been offering its service to select US states since starting with Seattle in 2007, offering next-day and early morning delivery for around 4,000 basic food and drink items, along with home and cleaning supplies.

Until now, there’s been no sniff of a UK launch, but Amazon Fresh could well have a British presence as strong as the “big four” supermarkets Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco in the not too distant future. After all, the service was designed to beat the major supermarkets on both price and delivery speed.