Wish you could stow away your TV when you're not using it? Well don't give up hope just yet, because LG wants to make your telly roll up like a newspaper.

LG has taunted us at CES this week with a glimpse of its smart screen of the future, which rolls up into a compact tube for easy peasy storage.

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The 18-inch wide display panel, featuring a high-definition OLED display for pixel-clear picture, can be fixed to any wall for convenient viewing, and then rolled up to the size of a small poster tube when you’re done with it.

Don’t believe us? Check this out…

It’s like screen-ception.

Chief Research Engineer at LG Electronics, KJ Kim, told the BBC that the screen is not only a perfect space-saver for living rooms on the cosier end of the scale, but also a way to enjoy your beautiful home interiors when there’s nothing on the box. Or should we say, tube.

LG has also hinted that much bigger versions of the rollable screen could eventually be possible as the technology improves, so we’re not giving up hope of our very own makeshift home cinema.

If the idea of a flexi-telly is right up your alley, you’ll have to be patient for now. LG has only produced a prototype so far, pending a few minor tweaks with the tech. It can currently only be rolled in one direction, and the odd pixels will die if you handle it too roughly.

Watch this space though, because we suspect an official launch date is inching ever closer…

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