Don't buy a smart bulb, buy a smart socket and use whatever bulbs you like. That's the promise of this new adapter, currently on Kickstarter

Updated: The Anyware Smart Adaptor didn’t make its funding goal on Kickstarter, but is now crowdfunding on Indiegogo. It has already smashed its funding goal, and is taking pre-orders with delivery set for February 2017.

Smart lighting is one of the most popular and proven areas of the smart home, but the bulbs aren’t cheap. So why not separate the bulb from the smart stuff, so you aren’t throwing away and replacing more than you need to?

That’s the idea behind the Anyware Smart Adaptor Kickstarter project, which is a small smart socket that screws into your existing light sockets. A standard bulb then screws into that. Hey presto – smart lighting that can now be controlled from the related app.

Anywhere smart socket

The company wants the device to be more than just a mood lighting unit though, with sound, light and temperature sensors built in, enabling a range of applications including burglar deterrence, a baby alarm, mood lighting and remote monitoring.

Anyware says, “we wanted to dramatically improve the size and aesthetics of alternative solutions, which we simply found too big and bulky”.

The socket is intended to be compatible with HomeKit, with support for Nest, Amazon Echo and Samsung SmartThings on the way.

Anyware is currently on Kickstarter, although still some way off its 1 million Kroner funding goal.