Any self-confessed java-holic will admit that they’ll stop at nothing to get their morning caffeine hit. But with these 5 ingenious upgrades on the traditional coffee machine that can deliver a hot morning brew within minutes, it can be as simple as swiping your finger across your phone’s screen.

Smarter Coffee Machine

Smarter Coffee Machine

Set your coffee to brew from the smartphone app when you’re in bed, and have the aroma of fresh coffee waft through your bedroom door.

Choose how coarse a grind you like via the app, and set your preferred strength for the perfect cup of joe.

Get your caffeine routine down to a tee by setting alarms and creating auto-schedules. You’ll receive an alerts when you when your coffee’s ready or when the kettle is due a refill.

You can even send and receive drink requests from other users.

The app is available on both Android and iOS.



YeCup Smart Coffee Cup


This isn’t your average coffee cup. Using the app on your phone, you can heat up or cool down your brew to your desired temperature via Bluetooth.

Forget hovering by the kettle in a bleary-eyed zombie state in the morning– grab your YeCup, head out to work, and wait for your phone to ping when you’re coffee’s ready.

YeCup also doubles as a mobile charging hub, so you can juice up your phone whilst gulping down your cuppa.

You can even take sneaky selfies using the mug with the built-in camera, so you’ll have more than one reason to smile at your coffee in the morning.

Pre-order for $77 (around £50) from


GE Cafe Keurig Coffee Brewing Fridge

GE Café fridge with Keurig K-cup brewing system

Forget chilling your OJ– have your fridge make you a steaming-hot cup of coffee!

Pop a K-cup into the removable dispenser and let your fridge-cum-barista brew the good stuff. Or if you fancy a few extra minutes in bed, use the smartphone app to tell your fridge you fancy a brew.

The whole process takes around four minutes, which is precious sleeping time at 6am.

If it comes in a K-cup, this fridge will make it. You can even get Starbucks coffee pods and enjoy your favourite latte whilst beating the queues.

Available late 2015 from at $3300 (£2157).


Smarter iKettle 2.0

iKettle 2.0

As well as responding to your requests via the Smarter app to get boiling, this caring kettle will give you the ultimate wake-up call by asking you if you’d like it to boil you some water ready for your morning brew.

It also has an ‘Early Bird Mode’, monitoring traffic reports and rescheduling its morning brew to an earlier time accordingly.

iKettle is equipped for family life with a ‘Formula Mode’, boiling water to over 100 degrees before letting you bring it down to a baby-friendly temperature.

It also knows when you’ve entered the house, springing into ‘Welcome Home’ mode and asking you if you’d like a drink before you’ve even kicked off your shoes.

iKettle is available in red, black and beige.


Poppy Pour Over

Poppy Pour Over

Coming soon to your kitchen counter, this app-controlled artisanal coffee maker claims to brew boutique roasters’ beans exactly as they were intended.

Schedule Poppy to make your coffee from your smartphone, and get automatic refills of your favourite coffee delivered by Amazon when Poppy detects you’re running low. You can control variables like temperature, grind size and brew time to get your cup of joe spot on.

Poppy’s burr grinder crushes your coffee beans rather than chopping them to conserve the essential oils for a richer taste.

Join the Poppy Pour Over community on the Wink app and share your favourite settings with other coffee lovers.

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