Bring your garden into the 21st century with this smart-making Blossom 8 Water Controller.


With winter firmly behind us and the sunny days of spring inching ever closer, our thoughts turn to…sprinkler systems. Here to fulfil all of our impending irrigation needs, Blossom 8 is a Smart Water Controller that turns your existing sprinkler system into a finely-tuned watering operation.

Via a single wall-mounted box that syncs all of your sprinklers to an app on your phone, Blossom 8 can create custom watering schedules for separate zones in your garden to make sure they get their regular fill of H2O. Now that is what you call state-of-the-yard technology (ahem, Blossom’s words, not ours).

To build its irrigation schedule, the Blossom 8 app begins by analysing information about your garden’s zones, such as location, vegetation type, sprinkler type, and natural exposure to the elements. The app then accesses real-time weather forecasts via the cloud to auto-adjust its water distribution to make sure your beloved crop always gets the right amount of drink.

If you’re a stickler for getting your plant watering spot on, Blossom 8’s app is your new heaven. Here, you can assign names, photos, and plant types to each zone, turn your sprinklers on and off, finely tune the watering amount per zone with a swipe, and closely track your watering schedule.

The super-handy thing about Blossom 8 is that it’s waterproof, so unlike other smart sprinkler controllers, it can live alongside the flowers in the garden. There’s also a bright LCD sprinkler signal on the device itself that lets you see when the sprinklers are active even in the dead of night.

You can pre-order Blossom 8 for just $99 (£70) here. Sadly, it’s currently only available for US residents.