Smart homes have been stealing the limelight for a while now, but now gardens are having their day with these smart lawnmowers.

The latest IoT news is great news for lazy gardeners because you can now get robots to do all the hard work for you while you control them from your smartwatch. The robots supposedly offer precision and reliable results so your garden will look great and the neighbours will never know that you cheated your way out of a chore.

The Swedish company Husqvarna have launched this Apple Watch app that gives you remote control of their robotic lawnmower models with catchy names like the Automaker 320, 330X and 450X. As well as being a massive time-saver, this remote access offers a much safer way to care for your garden as you, and your children, can keep a safe distance away from the blades.

You can use your Apple Watch to issue commands like ‘start,’ ‘stop,’ ‘park’ and a range of navigational commands. The app will also warn you if you’re mower has been stolen and offers GPS tracking to help you find it.

The robots are designed to tackle uneven terrain, steep slopes and tricky corners even in poor weather conditions so while it’s pouring with rain outside, you can stay inside and simply navigate the lawnmower without having to worry about the complexity, size or shape of your garden. The Automaker range can handle up to 6,000㎡ of lawn, and there is a smaller size version available for gardens around 1,800㎡. Smart mowers are also much quieter and more discreet to really keep the neighbours happy.

The app is free to download from the App store and you can download it here.