The humble dustpan and brush just got a much-needed injection of smart tech.


There’s probably no chore more devastatingly dull than sweeping dirt into a dustpan. And you can guarantee that every time, you accidentally pour half of your dusty cargo back out onto the floor again, only to have to repeat the same process all over again.

But now, there’s a better way. Eye-Vac EVPRO is a stationary robot dustpan with a greedy mouth for sucking up dust and debris for good. All you have to do is sweep in its direction, and its 1400-watt vacuum will guzzle up the entire filthy lot, using its infrared sensors to detect everything from dirt, dust, hair and general debris.

You can set Eye-Vac EVPRO to stay off until you need it, or opt for the always on mode if you intend to use it frequently. This means that the little vac will sit on standby until it detects an offending load nearby, automatically sucking it clean out of sight.

Thankfully, Eye-Vac EVPRO stores around 6 litres of muck, so you shouldn’t have to empty its canister frequently. Because it doesn’t use filters, it’s a quick and painless case of just popping out the canister, throwing out the waste, and popping it back in again. You’ll know when it’s time for an empty when the vac’s red indicator light turns on.

Whether you’re a pet owner dealing with copious amounts of fur, a salon owner, or just someone with an insatiable rage for excess dirt, Eye-Vac EVPRO is a convenient, efficient little tool to eliminate the heartache from the daily sweep.

There are two models for both home and professional environments, both available here. Shipping to the UK doesn’t look like an option at the moment, but limited stock of the professional model is on Amazon for around £170 including delivery.